Getting Alhambra Tickets when Sold Out

Getting Alhambra Tickets when Sold Out

There are several places to look to get tickets to Alhambra when sold out. The number of tickets allowed into Alhambra is limited every day, so tickets get sold out very fast. Your best chances of finding tickets is to check this comprehensive list of places below. Most of the tickets options include a tour guide and last about 3 hours, but an alternative option is to purchase an Alhambra card, that gives you access to the site as well as a list of other attractions in Granada.

Option 1:

The first place to look is here. GetYourGuide is a platform that sells Alhambra tickets from a number of different providers, and might just have last minute tickets when other places are sold out. Make sure to put in all your available dates and times, so that you maximize your search possibilities. Bear in mind that each tour offers a slightly different package, with different start locations and itineraries. Some tours also include a guided tour of the old town, so make sure to check the details carefully!

Option 2:

The second place to look is here and here. Tiqets offer two fast track entrance tickets for Alhambra and one of the tickets also includes a trip to Nasrid Palaces. You’ll be accompanied by a tour guide who’ll explain the long history behind these UNESCO Heritage Sites. Tickets are priced from 45 euros per person and the tour lasts 1.5 or 3 hours, with tours available in both English and Spanish.

Option 3:

The third place to look for tickets is here. Expedia are similar to option 1 since they also bring together lots of smaller suppliers and offer last-minute Alhambra tickets for sale. Tripadvisor are known for their honest reviews, and quality products. You can search according to your preferred travel date, and note that some of the tours start from places further away like Seville, Marbella or Malaga.

Option 4:

The fourth place to search is here. This site offers the Alhambra Card, which includes skip-the-line tickets to Alhambra along with 6 other attractions in Granada. It offers great value for money if you’re planning on doing a lot of touring in Granada, and is one of the best ways of getting tickets to Alhambra when sold out. Tickets start from 49 euros and includes other places like the Royal Chapel, Granada Cathedral, Science Park Museum, CajaGranada and the monasteries of La Carjuta and San Jeronimo. You also get 5 trips on the local bus for free. The card is valid for three days.

Things to know:

  • Alhambra is the most visited tourist site Spain! Over 2.5 million people visit each year, and because there’s a limit to the number of tickets for sale each day, it gets sold out fast!
  • You cannot buy tickets to Alhambra on the day at the entrance booth… so don’t turn up on the day without a ticket, or else you’ll be very disappointed 🙁
  • There are three parts to the Alhambra, the Alcabaza, Palacios Nazaries and Generalife gardens
  • The Nasrid Palace (Palacios Nazaries) only allows 300 visitors in every 30 minutes – which means that not every company includes this in their ticket package
  • But it’s definitely worth the hassle of finding tickets! Spectacular architecture, amazing views over Granada and incredible history awaits!