Underground Colosseum Tickets when Sold Out
Underground Colosseum Tickets when Sold Out

There are several ways of getting tickets to the Colosseum Underground tour when sold out. A limited number of Colosseum underground tickets are released one month in advance on the Colosseum’s official website. However, these tickets tend to get sold out really fast. The alternative is to take a guided tour of the Underground area of the Colosseum, and there are several tour operators that offer this service. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to get tickets, often at the last minute, for the Colosseum Underground Tour.

Option 1

The first place to check is here. This is the cheapest of the guided Colosseum Underground Tours and might have tickets available when other places are sold out. The tour includes skip the line entrance to the Colosseum and includes a guided tour of the Underground Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. It’s also a small group tour, with no more than 24 people.

Option 2:

The second place to look is here. This company offers Colosseum underground tours at night. This is the best tour to take if you are looking to beat the crowds of tourists in the daytime since the evening hours are a much quieter time to visit. It will also give you a different perspective on the Colosseum when its all lit up in the night-time. This is a small group tour, with a maximum of 25 people and is available on Saturdays.

Option 3:

The third place to look is here. This tour is offered by Musement, a leading worldwide travel company, and is a very popular Colosseum underground tour. Similar to options 1 and 2, it’s a great tour to take if the official Colosseum website has sold out of tickets.

Option 4:

The fourth place to check is here. Similar to option 1, this offers a guided tour of the Colosseum with underground and arena access. There are multiple departures times throughout the day and the tour has fast track entrance tickets, so no waiting in line! The tour also includes a visit to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Option 5:

We’ve included the official Colosseum ticketing website on our list. Chances are you’ve probably already checked for tickets, but do bear in mind that this website is notoriously confusing to use. If you do manage to find tickets, remember that you can only purchase a maximum of 6 tickets at one time, and in addition to purchasing the Colosseum underground tickets, you’ll also need to purchase an entry ticket to the Colosseum. Don’t forget that having a Colosseum underground tickets means that you automatically get the right to fast track entrance into the site!

Waiting List:

Sign up to our waiting list and we’ll let you know if any Underground Colosseum tickets become available. We sometimes get last minute tickets from our suppliers, and will do our best to help you find tickets!

What to Expect

  • The basic Colosseum underground tickets include a tour guide, and you’ll get to visit the arena floor, the underground area and the third tier. This is the option that tends to get sold out very quickly.
  • Most of the tour options offer the same as above but also include a visit to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. They are more expensive than the basic option but more likely to have availability.
  • The underground, known in Latin as the hypogeum, is the area where the gladiators used to wait before entering into battle. The arena floor is the where the epic battles would take place
  • The third tier, or top tier, is a great place to enjoy stunning views over Rome and to look inside the Colosseum complex.
  • Palatine Hill is where Romans believed Romulus and Remus lived and the once the center of Rome’s elite.
  • The Rome Forum, or in a sense the “downtown” of ancient Rome, is home to many ancient temples and monuments.