Da Vinci’s Last Supper

There are several places to look to try and get Last Supper tickets when sold out. A visit to Da Vinci’s masterpiece is one of the most popular things for tourists to do when visiting Milan. Since the painting is so fragile, only 30 people are allowed to view it at one time. So because of the restrictions and popularity, tickets to the Last Supper get sold out really fast! We suggest you look through all of the following options below. If you are still unable to find tickets, then try filling out our Last Supper Waiting List and we’ll let you know if any tickets become available.

Option 1:

The first place to check for tickets is here. GetYourGuide is one of the largest tour operators in Europe and offers a variety of different types of tickets to Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Most of these tickets are part of a tour package, which includes a visit to the Last Supper with a specialist tour guide who’ll explain the many features of the painting.  The tickets also normally include a walking tour around the highlights of Milan as well. For this reason, tickets are more expensive than the standard entrance fee, and therefore are probably your best chance of finding tickets when everywhere else is sold out. Make sure you read the tour descriptions carefully as each tour offers a slightly different itinerary.

Option 2:

The second place to look is here. This is another major ticket provider that might offer a good way of getting last supper tickets when sold out. Some tickets are priced from 14 euros and come with a 24 hour Milano Card, which gives you free public transport and discounts to many more museums. You can also add onto your Da Vinci Last Supper ticket an audio guide for about 4 euros extra or a live guide.

Option 3:

The third place to look for tickets is here. This is one of the major suppliers of Last Supper tickets and comes with fast track entrance. These tickets are available every Wednesday and Saturday for a 6:30pm timeslot. Prices start from 25 euros, but given their limited availability, they tend to get sold out very quickly. Apart from viewing Da Vinci’s monumental painting, you can also use the ticket to take in the rest of the Santa Maria della Grazie.

Option 4:

The fourth place to get tickets is here. This company offers a kind of clearance sale, releasing any extra Last Supper tickets which they haven’t managed to sell 72 hours before the travel date. The tickets cost from 49 euros and come with a live guide who’ll explain the background behind the painting.

Option 5:

The fifth place to look is here. This is the official website that the museum uses to sell its basic Last Supper tickets. We’ve left this option to last, because chances are you have already looked here and they tend to get booked up months in advance, but it is worth mentioning in any case!

Waiting List

Sign up to our waiting list and we’ll contact you via email if any Last Supper tickets become available. Our dedicated team are committed to helping visitors to Milan find a way to see one of the world’s greatest works of art!

What’s included:

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper is located inside the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie All tickets to the Last Supper include a 15 minute visit to the Da Vinci masterpiece. From here, each product will offer something slightly different.

The most basic option is simply an entry ticket. You’ll get entry into the church where you’ll be able to explore. This is certainly the cheapest way of viewing the Last Supper but is also the most likely to get sold out first!

The other popular way of visiting the Last Supper is by taking a tour. The most popular tour includes a fast track entry to see Da Vinci’s last supper, and a sightseeing tour of Milan. You’ll have a 1 hour walking tour around the historic centre of Milan, which includes a visit to the famous Duomo and La Scala, Milan’s renowned opera house. This is a great way to get tickets to the last supper when other places are sold out, and also a perfect opportunity to get a feel for Milan!

Another way of viewing the Last Supper fresco is to combine it with a Milan art tour, taking you to the highlights incduding artwork by Da Vinci, Cattelan, Bramante and more! The tour includes skip the line tickets to the Last Supper as well as a licensed expert English speaking guide. This tour is available throughout the week but tends to get sold out in advance!